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September 12, 2010

Revis Joins Team as Jets Open Season Tomorrow

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One of the biggest story lines of the preseason finally came to an end earlier this week as All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis finally ended his holdout. The deal is reportedly worth $46 million over four years, with $32 million in guaranteed money. His holdout from training camp lasted for over 35 days. Revis later tweeted his excitement over the new deal.

Now the defense is much stronger (which will happen when you add the best defensive back in the league) going into their Monday night match-up against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens added three time pro-bowl WR Anquan Boldin to their roster this offseason, giving them a solid number one option at WR that they have lacked over the past few years. Now that Revis will be covering Boldin, it will be much tougher for he and QB Joe Flacco to get a good passing attack going. And don’t forget Boldin hasn’t really had the best of times while playing against the Jets. Be careful Anquan, Kurt Warner won’t be there to pray for you this time.

*(Bonus Fantasy Spin)*

How frustrating is it for Boldin fantasy owners (*cough* me *cough*)? You draft him in, say, the fourth round, maybe even to be your number one receiver, and now you most likely have to sit him? I would have been fine with this had Revis been with the team all along, but instead he teases us and comes back a week before the game. I can assure you every Boldin owner was praying the holdout would last until after week 1.

An Anquan Boldin fantasy owner

As for the game, these are probably the two hardest-hitting teams in the NFL. The Rex Ryan-Ray Lewis war of words will add even more fuel to the fire. All signs in this one point to an ugly, low scoring game. The Jets had the number one defense in the NFL last year; the Ravens were number three. Where the Jets have an advantage is their secondary. While the Ravens’ secondary is viewed as their Achilles heel, it is the Jets biggest strength. Getting to the quarterback will be difficult for the Jets, but there will be plenty of “coverage sacks” to be had with this secondary.

Rushing yards will be hard to come by for either team, which means the game will fall on the shoulders of…(drum roll please) Mark Sanchez! Yes I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but if Sanchez can play well then the Jets will be in great position to win this game.

In ugly games like this one, whoever wins the turnover battle usually wins the game. Expect a lot of punts/field position strategery. In the end, I say the Jets pull it off and win 16-10.

Or it could be a shootout. Who really knows? Either way, football is back!!!


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