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September 2, 2010

Jets vs Redskins – Offense Still a Concern

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The Jets’ offense was anything but impressive in their 16-11 loss to the Redskins last weekend.

Mark Sanchez struggled to find his rhythm as he went 13 for 21 for 139 yards with a touchdown and an interception. The touchdown came in the third quarter against the third quarter against the Redskins second team defense. The touchdown ended a streak of ten straight quarters without a TD. Sanchez was picked off by DeAngelo Hall in the red zone in the second quarter on a pass intended for Dustin Keller. Sanchez misread the coverage, thinking it was man-to-man when it was a zone.

The Jets running game looked good in the first half, as Shonn Greene and LaDanian Tomlinson consistently got carries for four or more yards. LT looked like the LT of old instead of an old LT. He had one run of 43 yards where cut back into the hole and exploded into the secondary. He also had a nice run of 15 yards where he was able to change directions and beat a man to get to the outside, something that was rarely seen last year in San Diego.

Despite the successful rushing attack, the Jets struggled on third down and their drives would come to a screeching halt.

The Jets defense was solid was again, with the first teamers allowing only three field goals. However, Calvin Pace broke his foot during the game and likely be out for about 4-6 weeks. Pace is the Jets’ led the team in sacks last year and is their best pass rusher. Earlier in the preseason, he nearly murdered Eli Manning.

When “Hard Knocks” aired later in the week, Head Coach Rex Ryan expressed his disappointment with the team. He said the offense needs to step up, they need leaders on the team, and the defense has to stop being “jackasses”.

If the Jets want to be successful, they have to play an ugly style of football. If they have to run the ball fifty times and win the game 6-3, so be it. Because right now it seems like Sanchez has not improved much since last year. Their defense alone is good enough to get them to the Super bowl, and even more so if Darrelle Revis comes back (did you really think I was going to go the whole post without mentioning Revis?). They should follow the same formula as the 2006 Chicago bears. The offense just needs to manage the game and they will have a chance to win any game they play.

As long as everyone stops being a jackass. I’m gonna go eat a god dang snack.


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